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Call Me Obama Mama

Yes, call me Obama Mama!  Maybe I’ll create a drink with that name.  He’s the best presidential candidate I’ve seen in many years.  I hope he wins and lives up to expectations.  He doesn’t even seem to show the strain and stress of Hillary.  She’s looking mighty war-torn these days.  Who can blame her?  I don’t know if I could keep up that pace for any length of time.  No wonder she almost cried that time.  Probably more from exhaustion.

Maybe it’s the difference in years or maybe it’s because he’s so thin and seems to have endless amounts of energy.  Who knows but he’s not looking like he’s tired or anything.

I like Obama.  But, I guess you knew that.

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Sex, Drugs, Hanging Husein

It is with some sadness that I realize the only thing to bring visitors back to my site is if I talk about any kind of sex, be it ever so lurid. The same holds true for violent crime and illicit drugs.

Take the hanging of Husein. They even show it on the news – I’ve had to cover my eyes to keep from vomiting. It’s beyond words. You can hardly visit a website that doesn’t have the entire thing for download. Needless to say, that’s not something I’ve done nor could ever do. However, there was a picture of him dead that I couldn’t miss because it was right there. How did I get to that website? I followed a link to a question on how to create a static front page for my site.

The other day I had written about the “killing of the four sisters”. They weren’t people. They were smoke stacks affectionately known as “The Four Sisters”. After that posts, it was the first time I found links to my site. The very first time.

And we think we’re better than animals. No we’re not. We are the animals. We humans are Mother Nature’s big mistake.

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The Hanging of a Dictator

Funny how things go. There was a time when Saddam was the sweetheart of the US – back when Iran was the villain. Back then, the US supported Saddam in his war with Iran. They even supplied him with nerve gas. Then, years later, condemned him for using it.It’s been said Kuwait used horizontal drilling to steal oil from Iraq, hence the invasion. It’s been said. I wasn’t there to see it for myself. That little fact didn’t come out until a decade later. And what about all those lies on how Iraqi soldiers took babies from incubators and threw them on the floor? Justification for invading Iraq in the Gulf War. Will Bush and company stop at nothing to fill their wallets? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to justify Saddam’s behaviour. Nor will I condemn it. His hanging was nauseating. I didn’t watch it. I couldn’t watch it. Just thinking about it makes me sick, even now. Are Americans really such blood-thirsty animals that they would have condoned this? I know they’re trying to weasel out of it by saying they just handed Saddam to the Iraqis but we all know who calls the shots there, don’t we?

God help us all.

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Iraq in Grave Circumstances

Gosh. Really? What the hell did Bush and Blair expect? I know what they really expected. They’d come in full force, drop a few “smart” bombs and so unnerve the Iraqis that they’d come running with their hands in the air, their women tossing flowers and crying “Praise be to Allah. The liberators have come!! Please. Take our oil! And, oh yes, let’s start democracy right away.” Continue reading

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Peacenick and Company

I feel less pressured today.  Looks like I found a kindred spirit in Deepak Chopra.  This highly respected man talks about many things including life after earthly death, peace, the pursuit of inner peace as well as world peace. 

I have to feel that when my days on this planet are over, and I find myself with the choice of doing it all over again right here or moving on – I’ll be moving on.  I can’t stand any more of the constant war, murder, families ripped apart.  It’s nauseating, to say the least. 

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Remembrance Day

Today is the day that is set aside for us to remember the fallen soldiers in WWI and WWII.  Much is made of this day – of this month of November, in fact.  Red poppies are everywhere.  At 11AM we are to hold two minutes’ silence to remember and respect those fallen soldiers.  That is, of course, if they fought for the Allies.  On this side of the Atlantic, not one word is mentioned of those that died on the other side.  I guess their deaths are not important. 

Something that nobody seems to mention is that Canada didn’t have to go to war.  It was never attacked.  It had no enemies.  Canada got suckered into the wars by Great Britain.  Oh yes, they turned to their colonies to provide backup of men, material and sustenance.  At home, Canadians were on food rations the durations of both wars.

So on this day and this month, let us remember never to be suckered into any wars by anyone.  Let us remain neutral, mind our own business and cater to our own population to keep every man, woman and child safe.

Oh, and on this day, I will do my best to find a white peace poppy to wear.  This shows no disrespect to fallen soldiers everywhere.  It is a sign and hope that such senseless killings will stop.  And at 11AM, I will remember my fallen father who died in the line of duty, fighting for Germany.

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Keep Your Nose Clean and Mind Your Own Business

Mother drilled that into my head and I think that could apply to relations between countries as well.  Actually, maybe it wasn’t my mother.  Well, in any case, it was somebody and it stuck.

US foreign policy slays me.  Why do they have to have one, anyway?  Why does any country have to have a foreign policy?  I mean, except for the one that you stay out of other countries’ business.  And speaking of business, why can’t we do business with anyone and everyone? Continue reading

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Our Men In Afghanistan

I’d be the first one to admit I don’t know enough about a certain subject so I depend on my common sense a lot of the time.

What are our Canadian soldiers doing in Afghanistan?  Why are we losing some almost every day?  What’s in it for us?  What is the game plan?  Who is this idiot, Hillier?  Why are we fighting and what do we hope to gain?

If you want to answer that, please don’t annoy me with drivel about democracy or the bad Taliban.  I’ve heard enough to make me throw up every time I hear the d or T word.  We should keep our noses clean and mind our own business.  If we’re worried about security, then we could use these young men right here at home to keep our borders safe, not somewhere in some unknown land pretending to be important and shooting at people they don’t know and who have never done us any harm.  Shame on Martin, shame on Harper, shame on Hillier.  You should all rot in hell.

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Those Weird Americans

Don’t ask me for names because I didn’t write them down and so, of course, I forgot.

I saw this on CNN.  It was an interview with Wolf Blitz, I think is his name.  You know, the one with the monotone voice and the close cropped beard.  While interviewing a politician, Wolf aired a news clip where another media type asked this politician if his mother is Jewish. At first he was outraged that such a question should even be asked  (He should have stuck to that). He quoted the Constitution about freedom of religion etc.  Then he said that she was born a Jew but raised a Christian.  Continue reading

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September 11 – Again

At the time, I was devastated.  I was on hold with a client of mine.  While on hold, the music that often plays, interrupted only by reminding us how important our call is to them, was not playing music but was relating a news story that had just broken – New York is being attacked.  Something about an explosion.  I hung up.

I turned on the television to CNN.  The screen was full of smoke and debris flying and people running about in panic mode.  It was terrible.  My step-son was living two blocks from the World Trade Centre at that time.  I tried to call him but all lines were either busy or down.  His father was beside himself.  (My step-son called much later that same afternoon.  He was fine.)  I won’t bore you with the rest.  You’ve seen and heard it a million times. Continue reading

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