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I read this very interesting article, written by David Wornica “We surely cannot deny to any nation that right whereon our own government is founded, that every one may govern itself according to whatever form it pleases and change these forms at its own will… The will of the nation is the only thing essential to be regarded.” –Thomas Jefferson to Governor Morris, 1792. Think about this for a minute, read this quote and reread it if necessary. Obviously our nation was in an infantile state in 1792 and our intentions were pure. What are our intentions now? Someone please tell me the truth. I am familiar with the catch phrases, slogans and sound bites, but who gave our government the power and knowledge to control other nations? Whose interest is that really in anyway? I believe we should look in the mirror and see to our flaws before we point out the flaws of another. I watch the news and I saw a 91 year old man, a WW2 Veteran, get beaten and car-jacked while 6 or 7 people stood by watching. Not one of those people stepped in to help this old man, they watched as he was struck in the face over and over again. I suppose you could call this an isolated incident. What about things we see in our own lives? Does anyone hold an elevator for you, does anyone hold a door open anymore, do people go out of their way to avoid eye contact, will people even let you merge onto the highway? We are living in a “what’s in it for me” society. I’m not saying everyone is like this, but a lot of people are. I’m an American and am oftentimes ashamed of what I see on a daily basis. I guess you can call it an erosion of values or a byproduct of the type of society we live in, either way you have to acknowledge it. It is difficult to accept fault or claim responsibility for our actions sometimes, regardless of the situation. Whether or not we can own up to it, we really have screwed up our image in the eyes of the world. At some point our nation did something to offend folks in the Middle East. Whether it was distasteful foreign policy in the form of interventionist strategy, arming sectarian militias, stationing troops on holy soil or displaying greed on a scale Caesar would have envied, our actions have caused blow-back. That blow-back goes further back than 9/11 or the original trade center bombing. The blow-back is the legacy of intertwining our interests in feuds that have been raging since long before our nation breathed the free air. We are well beyond the point of return in regards to Thomas Jefferson’s altruistic beliefs. America is a proud nation, so proud in fact that we would continue to fight a losing battle rather than walk away. That is our weakness and that is why we fail. It is so important that this next generation of American’s learn from our predecessors and never repeat the dreadful mistakes their choices wrought. The only special interest need be ours. The time is now, become active in the system, write your representatives, demand action, back up your words with your actions.” Amen The same could be said for Canadians in Afghanistan. Where do we get off shooting Afghanis? I don’t care if they are called Taliban or whatever. I don’t care if they beat their women when they step out of line. It’s their culture and their business. If they want to change things, they should do it from within. In any case, we have no business there


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