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Bring Our Men Home

Iraq in Grave Circumstances

Gosh. Really? What the hell did Bush and Blair expect? I know what they really expected. They’d come in full force, drop a few “smart” bombs and so unnerve the Iraqis that they’d come running with their hands in the air, their women tossing flowers and crying “Praise be to Allah. The liberators have come!! Please. Take our oil! And, oh yes, let’s start democracy right away.”

Instead they met fierce resistance. Surprised? I think those bastards were.
Arabs are an old and proud people. Their culture and history are well embedded into their psyche. They’ve been invaded many times over the eons and have learned from each invasion. No amount of heavy machinery and devastation from the sky will dampen their mood. They are united in one religion although fragmented to some degree – no different than Christians.

Those greedy bastards from USA and Britain have caused a horrendous situation. The fault lies squarely with Bush and company. His lapdog Blair is only a pathetic hanger-on with dreams of oil money. Bush is a war criminal, plain and simple but will never have to pay for his criminal actions, at least not in this life.

It is about time the US started to make some friends. Their school yard bullying is not working and is putting their citizens at great risk as was demonstrated by 911. No amount of airport screening, wall building, colour-coded alerts and homeland security will help if they don’t drop their obnoxious behaviour towards those outside their borders. And the more they push, the harder the rest of them will push back.

Oh, so it took all those “brains”, months to figure out what to do in Iraq? Gee, it took me all of 30 seconds to figure it out before they even invaded. The best thing for them to do right now is to pull out this instance. Yesterday would have been better. Never to have invaded in the first place would have been best.

But they won’t pull out just like that because now they are in a “face saving” mode.

Remember poor old Nixon and his “peace with honour”. Yeah, that worked.

So, my heart cries for all those innocent lives ruined. American soldiers as well as Iraqis.

There were only poor Americans that joined the military. I will bet that not one middle class soldier is among the troops. When they were recruited, they were painted blue skies. How great their life will be. All the money they’ll get from the government. All the free education. A chance for a better life.

How sad is that? For many, their lives are gone. For countless others, their lives are ruined. Missing limbs, shattered psyches. No person can murder another and another without it having an effect on their conscience.

There is now fear that the war will spread throughout the Middle East.  I’m a bit more optimistic.  As long as the foreigners get out and get out fast, I’m betting that won’t happen.
Such a waste of life and to what end? The oil greed for a privileged few? These monsters must pay. I believe in retribution and it comes when you least expect it.


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