Stop The War

Bring Our Men Home

Our Prime Minister – Stephen Harper

Personally, I don’t like him.  I haven’t liked him since he pontificated on how the Liberals steal and lie. It wasn’t even what he said as much as the way the tight-lipped venum spewed from his lips.  Leave it to the holy rollers to sit in judgement.  I’ve never liked a holy roller.  They are the meanest, most unkind bastards known to mankind.  That’s all religions.  Bar none.

Anyway, this huge investigation brought about nothing.  I think one man was hung out to dry.  Period.  Way more money was spent trying to make it an issue than ever was “misappropriated” in the first place.  Couldn’t that have been done without the fanfare?

I’m not so sure of Sheila Fraser, either.  In case you don’t know, she’s the Auditor General.  She brought the whole “scandal” to light.  Good old Sheila sure seemed to enjoy the limelight.  She sure looked like she enjoyed sticking it to the Liberal Party -and right before an election, too.  I’m going to watch her closely.  I want to know what was in it for her because I know something was.  One day it will come out.

Say, I had no idea I was such a political animal.  Just for the record, my husband votes Conservative and I vote Liberal.  There you have it.  Our fights over all things political are the stuff of legends.


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