Stop The War

Bring Our Men Home

Remembrance Day

Today is the day that is set aside for us to remember the fallen soldiers in WWI and WWII.  Much is made of this day – of this month of November, in fact.  Red poppies are everywhere.  At 11AM we are to hold two minutes’ silence to remember and respect those fallen soldiers.  That is, of course, if they fought for the Allies.  On this side of the Atlantic, not one word is mentioned of those that died on the other side.  I guess their deaths are not important. 

Something that nobody seems to mention is that Canada didn’t have to go to war.  It was never attacked.  It had no enemies.  Canada got suckered into the wars by Great Britain.  Oh yes, they turned to their colonies to provide backup of men, material and sustenance.  At home, Canadians were on food rations the durations of both wars.

So on this day and this month, let us remember never to be suckered into any wars by anyone.  Let us remain neutral, mind our own business and cater to our own population to keep every man, woman and child safe.

Oh, and on this day, I will do my best to find a white peace poppy to wear.  This shows no disrespect to fallen soldiers everywhere.  It is a sign and hope that such senseless killings will stop.  And at 11AM, I will remember my fallen father who died in the line of duty, fighting for Germany.


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