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Sex, Drugs, Hanging Husein

It is with some sadness that I realize the only thing to bring visitors back to my site is if I talk about any kind of sex, be it ever so lurid. The same holds true for violent crime and illicit drugs.

Take the hanging of Husein. They even show it on the news – I’ve had to cover my eyes to keep from vomiting. It’s beyond words. You can hardly visit a website that doesn’t have the entire thing for download. Needless to say, that’s not something I’ve done nor could ever do. However, there was a picture of him dead that I couldn’t miss because it was right there. How did I get to that website? I followed a link to a question on how to create a static front page for my site.

The other day I had written about the “killing of the four sisters”. They weren’t people. They were smoke stacks affectionately known as “The Four Sisters”. After that posts, it was the first time I found links to my site. The very first time.

And we think we’re better than animals. No we’re not. We are the animals. We humans are Mother Nature’s big mistake.


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