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The Evils of Conservatism

For the most part, I am definitely not a political animal. I have voted for all three major parties at various times, although I seem to recall only having voted NDP once over a period of 40 years or so. It was at a time when both the other parties pissed me off for one reason or another and, of course, my candidate lost. But there are some things I cannot abide and have to get them off my chest. I might add that I am a peacenick. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were called a bad thing nowadays.

What pops into your head when you hear the word “conservative”? Do little? Well, do little that aims at making the world a better place. I think of Bible wavers shouting platitudes, anti-free-choice (I won’t say pro life, since my guess is we’d all rather live than die), anti-gay-marriage, anti-euthanasia, judgmental, pro-war, etc. The conservatives comprise of a close circle of business friends aimed at making each other richer. I guess that makes war OK. Just think of all the people the war machine industry employs.

How is it that murder in the mass degree is OK? Why is it when someone barges into our homes and kills our inhabitants, it is a crime but barge into another country and kill its inhabitants – and it’s a good thing?

I’ve heard lots about what a bad guy Hussein is/was. What is it our business? Was the US so pissed off with him switching to the Euro from the US dollar? I’m guessing that was the real reason. That and the oil god. And weren’t they miffed when Europe, especially France, refused to join them in this “war on terrorism”? What about changing the name French Fries to Freedom Fries? How childish is that? Had they dismantled the Statue of Liberty in protest, I would have been impressed but renaming French Fries? Please.

And what’s all the bullshit about how everybody is jealous of the US and that’s why they’re not liked. My mother used that jealousy thing all the time. “Oh, they’re just jealous” was her favourite expression. It’s a cheap cop-out. And it’s not true. I’m not jealous of the US. I don’t know anyone who is – here or anywhere else, for that matter. They don’t even have a national health scheme. They should be ashamed of themselves. They claim to be the riches and most powerful country in the world and they can’t – or won’t – look after their own people. I say clean up your own back yard before you pass judgment on anyone else.

Back in post-war Austria, we had a national health scheme. Even dental was covered. Here in Canada, we have a long way to go before we have what we can boast as a real national health scheme. Dental isn’t covered. Eye exams are not covered. Drugs are not covered for the under-65. Why not? They should be.

Recently, we elected a conservative government, much to my chagrin. Perhaps it was time for a change. People get bored when a political party has been in power too long. There was all this uproar about the Liberals and money misappropriation. Then they had a trial which cost way more that the money that was said to have been misappropriated. The conservatives won on the honour platform – on accountability, whatever that means.

At first I hated the new PM. Now, well, I’ll give him an opportunity to do the right thing. I want him to pull our troops out of Afghanistan – we have no business there. What brought us there in the first place? Hunting down Osama bin Laden because he was accused of masterminding the 9/11 attacks. Has that ever been proven? NO. But the attack gave Bush and Company the finest ammunition to implement their own agenda. As for Osama, I firmly believe he is safely ensconced in the bosom of his family in Saudi Arabia. Semites are extremely clannish. There is no way in heaven or hell they would ever hang one of their own out to dry. No way. And I’ll bet Bush knows it.

Back to Afghanistan – let them solve their own problems. We have no business there but what was it I read? Something about building an oil pipeline from Russia through Afghanistan. You can bet our involvement has nothing to do with the Taliban. And the Afghans are beginning to hate us and want us out. I say we oblige. Now.

What is this crap about calling fallen soldiers heroes? They’re not heroes. They’re canon fodder. Period. I cry for them. Lives with so much promise, wasted. Spending money on our military is OK but let’s use it to keep our country safe and not to make trouble somewhere else. Are you listening, Mr. Harper? I also want you to add eye and dental exams into the national health scheme. Let’s see if this conservative is, in the slightest, progressive. Do something useful, Mr. Harper.

Lately, some American politicians have come to look at us with suspicion, claiming we provide a fertile ground for terrorists because of our liberal immigration policies. They’d like to make it difficult for us to enter the US. I say let’s build a wall higher than the Great One in China from coast to coast to keep the Americans out. We all know that’s where the hand guns are coming from.

When, traditionally, red has been the colour of Liberals and blue the colour of Conservatives, why, in the 2000 election in the US, the colours were transposed? Suddenly, the conservatives were red and the liberals blue. Whatever happened to “I’d rather be dead than red”? Wasn’t that supposed to be communism that we were taught was so bad.

Well, that’s it for my rantings today. I feel better now that I’ve put it down in black and white.


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