Stop The War

Bring Our Men Home

The Middle East and Harper

I hate our Prime Minister. He has no sense. He’s supposed to be so educated and clever. He’s nothing more than a dirty fundamentalist. He is against gay marriage, anti-everything progressive and forward. He’s a Bush ass kisser. What an idiot. A dangerous idiot. I miss Chretien. He was fun. He had the common touch. Even though he was highly educated, he still had common sense. Often you lose that with too much schooling. Or maybe it’s just that some smart guys think they’re better than everyone and just look down their noses.

What the hell are we doing in Afghanistan? We have no business there. It is said the Taliban are bad people. Says who? Do the locals say that? Is, or was, there law and order before the west decided to “save” them? (Initially, the US were supposed to be hunting for Osama. I don’t know how you hunt while flying airplanes and dropping bombs. Isn’t that more a down on the ground job?) Is it our business what they do? It’s their country. It’s their business. So today, another four Canadians have died and for what purpose? Bring our troops home. We need them here.

And what about his stance on Israel? Why doesn’t that fool keep his trap shut? Israelis came back to the Middle East after 2000 years and claimed it as their own. Hell, if I go back far enough, maybe I own the whole of Asia.

Well, that’s my rant for the day and now I have a headache.


September 7, 2007 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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